Equity Work in Hamden Public Schools


Cultural Corner

Learn more about cultural diversity at Hamden Public Schools.


Sept. 2020- Hamden was accepted to participate in the Bridges Collaborative. The Bridges Collaborative cohort will seek to improve specific conditions and outcomes related to school diversity in each local community while collectively contributing to a broader national conversation on the benefits of school diversity by highlighting successes and demonstrating what is possible. 

For the past several years, Hamden Public Schools' administration and Board of Education have entered into important work around achieving greater equity throughout our school system.  During the 2017-18 school year, the Board of Education and district administration began to focus work on equity and diversity issues within Hamden.

  • We knew that our schools were not "racially balanced" according to the State of Connecticut formula.
  • We knew that there was an achievement gap between our minority subgroups and the entire student population. and that nearly 60% of our students were persons of color.
  • We knew we needed to better understand issues around diversity and equity and change our culture, curriculum and structures to better meet the needs of all of our students.

So, the work began, and continues. Read on to find out about the many, many efforts underway to address issues around diversity, equity and inclusion in Hamden schools.

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Family Supports

  • Free meals for all students in all schools, including meal pick up for distance learners, Mobile meals and Weekend meals
  • Wrap-around services for elementary students, before and after school and at-home learning days

Materials and Supplies

  • 3600 backpacks with school supplies and math manipulatives for students K-8
  • School textbooks, novels, and unit specific materials distributed on regular basis
  • Library book distribution

Devices and Connectivity

  • Chromebooks made available for every grade K-8 student
  • Laptops made available for every grade 9-12 student
  • Connectivity at home provided for those students without Internet 
  • “Zoom” enabled mobile devices provided to staff without computers with cameras and mics
  • Zoom open houses and school-parent ‘meetings’ may enable more families to be involved