Parents & PTA

Dunbar Hill second graders show their handiwork in the Let Love Grow garden outside their classroom. Students and seniors from Atria Larson Place painted rocks with inspirational messages. See the WTNH Channel 8 story.

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Dunbar Hill parents & guardians can support their child's education by agreeing to: 
   * Make sure their child is on time for school, attends school daily, and has the materials he/she needs.
   * Monitor their child’s progress and contact the teacher early if concerns arise, and attend Report Card conferences.
   * Support their child in following the school’s expectations for behavior.
   * Read and respond to notices, forms and notes from the school/teacher.
   * Look for notices on Thursdays, review the monthly calendar and check the school web site for information.
   * Monitor homework and provide a quiet space for your child to read nightly.
   * Attend school-related family events and be an active member of the school’s PTA.
   * Monitor TV watching and encourage watching channels like PBS Kids to build content knowledge and vocabulary.
   * Talk to their child about the importance of education and trying his/her best.

Here are more resources to help parents:

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