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Welcome to Dunbar Hill 

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   slide presentation

   The Zoom meeting was held Thursday, August 20th beginning at 6 pm.

    Attendance will be taken every day whether your child is in school or at home.  Please help prepare your child for the safety practices, to make school safer and more comfortable for everyone.

If you have any questions, please email our principal, Laura Rodriguez at    lrodriguez@hamden.org 

Kindergarten Zoom Orientation - Wed. Sept 2nd - 2pm

Click here for the Dunbar Hill Kindergarten Orientation Slide Presentation 2020


Link to bus information from the district website      

Distance Learning Parent Information

Click to open the latest copy of the Hamden Public Schools Distance Learning Parent Handbook. It will explain expectations, communication, schedules, grading, and other aspects of learning and teaching online in Hamden. (Updated 5/15/20)

The staff send you all our best wishes for good health, good luck, and strength during this time.


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