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Welcome to Dunbar Hill

As we transition to distance learning and connecting with our teachers and classes online, you may find you have questions about logging in or connecting to Google Classroom. All Dunbar Hill parents should have received -- or will be receiving soon -- their child(ren)'s login information from the district. If you have problems logging in, you can contact our Dunbar Hill Media Specialist, Mrs. Church via email at jchurch@hamden.org.  The district will be providing help for technical problems, but questions about logins and using Google Classroom can be directed to Mrs. Church.

** Note: make sure that @hamden.org follows your child's name info in the username on non-Hamden Chromebook devices. For instance, churchj27@hamden.org is a complete username. Hamden Chromebooks already have @hamden.org entered on the right side of the username box when logging in. **

Videos and directions will be posted and made available soon.  Bear with us as we all make the jump to online learning. Best wishes to all!

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