Superintendent’s Office

Superintendent of School Jody Goeler

Welcome to Hamden Public Schools!

As your Superintendent, my goal is to ensure all students receive quality educational experiences throughout their time in school, and it is my hope that these experiences will help them to be happy and successful in the future. We have a skillful and caring group of faculty, administrators and other staff in Hamden, all committed to providing the best for our students and their families.

I look forward to our continued work together in making Hamden Public Schools an outstanding school district by any measure.


Jody Ian Goeler

Do you have an idea for how we can make Hamden Public Schools even better? Maybe you've thought about ways to improve parent involvement, after school programs, or other aspects of our school system.


Our superintendent, Jody Goeler, would love to hear your thoughts - so he's created "Thursday Office Hours."  Every Thursday, from 7:30-8:00 AM, Mr. Goeler will open his office to anyone who would like to come in and chat, share an idea, or even ask questions about our district in an effort to better understand our programs and initiatives.  (Please note that this is not a time to resolve issues or ask questions related to your child - please contact your child's teacher or principal with any student or school-related issues.)  The purpose of Thursday Office Hours is to provide you a brief opportunity to share your thoughts and for us to gain insights from our parents and community.

There is no need for an appointment - just drop by!  

(In the event that Mr. Goeler is unable to be in the office on a particular Thursday, notice will be posted HERE on our Website.)

If you have a concern and would prefer to put it in writing, please feel free to send an email to