e-Report Cards Are Coming!

We are happy to report that our new electronic report card system is ready to go!  Families can expect to receive their children's e-report cards via email on Monday or Tuesday, July 13 or 14. The e-report card can be printed if desired, or just saved electronically.  This new, secure electronic system is not only the best way to distribute report cards during Coronavirus disruptions, it will also provide the district with cost savings in printing and postage in the coming years.

If you have changed your email address or have not recently received email from the school or district, please call your school to ensure they have the correct email address for you.

Check Out Our Online Summer Enrichment Page!

Learning can continue all summer - we've compiled activities for every student - all grades and content areas are included. Visit our www.Hamden.org/Summer to see what's there - and keep checking back... we'll be updating it all summer!  

Dunbar Hill School Wins Grant for Their AAA School Safety Patrol Program

Dunbar Hill School, a AAA School Safety Patrol School, has won a $500 Charles M. Hayes Advancement Grant from the National AAA office to expand or enhance our school’s existing Patrol program.

Dunbar Hill was one of 10 schools selected in a nationwide competition to receive the grant, said Adelle Zocher, AAA Northeast’s School Safety Patrol program coordinator.

“Dunbar Hill is one of our more active school safety patrols in AAA Northeast’s three county territory with an energetic team led by an energetic advisor, Principal Laura Rodriguez,” she said. “We’re so pleased to have a school that focuses on the program’s safety and educational benefits.”

The Dunbar Hill patrollers are responsible for monitoring students in hallways, arrival and dismissal activities, and bus stop arrivals and departures. They also walk younger students to class, assist the crossing guards, and lead quarterly “Behavioral Expectations Tours” to remind students of school safety rules.

Patrollers also meet monthly to review procedures, discuss safety issues and suggest ways to keep students safe in school. When new patrollers are appointed, veteran patrollers serve as mentors.

When school is back in session in the fall, Ms. Rodriguez plans to double the number of patrollers from 12 to 24.  With the grant, she’ll take patrollers on several field trips to other schools for safety awareness discussions; and to local police and fire stations to discuss safety and cyber security issues. She also would like to conduct ALICE training for patrollers.  ALICE -- an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate -- is a national active shooter preparedness and response program.

“Our patrol program gives students the opportunity to take leadership roles in school and to make decisions that have a lasting impact on our school community,” Ms. Rodriguez explained. “Being part of this program teaches students responsibility; it gives them a voice that is valued and respected.”

Dunbar Hill School is one of more than 100 AAA School Safety Patrols in AAA Northeast’s territory of New Haven, Litchfield and Fairfield Counties. - AAA Northeast

Help Us Help Hamden - Let Your Legislators Know You Care about Funding for Hamden!

Please join us in reaching out to Hamden’s state legislators, asking them to ensure that the state funding for Hamden Public Schools is not reduced.

Here's the story: For years, our state government has underfunded Hamden’s allocation of Education Cost Sharing (ECS) funds by more than $10 million per year. In addition to lower than proportionate ECS funding, there it is possible that CT's Alliance grant program, which provides millions of dollars to our district, might be reduced.

Especially now, we need the State of CT to provide us our fair share of funding and maintain grant support. Please send an email or call Hamden’s state legislators and let them know appropriate funding for Hamden through ECS matters, and that we can't afford a reduction in Alliance grant funds.  We need to protect and even increase the state funding for our public schools.

Below is contact information for Hamden's state representatives.  Every call and every email matters. Thank you for your help.

Sen. Martin Looney
860 240-8614 (Carla Smith)
860 240-0375 (Tyler Mack)
Sen. George Logan
800 842-1421
860 240-0558 (Jamie Iannotti)
Rep. Michael D’Agostino
Rep. Robyn Porter
860 240-8585
Rep. Josh Elliott
860 240-8585