Welcome Back! The School Year Begins!

We are so excited to welcome back our students - we've missed you!  Whether you have chosen to attend school in our hybrid model or learn from home in full distance learning, we are happy to have you back in our buildings and virtual classrooms! 

All students PK-12 will receive devices from the district; a chromebook for grades PK-8 and a laptop for students in grades 9-12.  All teachers will structure their classes in Google Classroom. Zoom links within each Google Classroom class will allow students to connect to their teacher/class at scheduled times when learning from home. If you like, take a look at our Info Sheet on logging into your device and connecting to Zoom and Video on logging into your device and connecting to Zoom.

Walk-In Testing at Cornell Scott Hill Health Center


Elementary Parents and Students - Back to School Video

If you have a child attending one of our elementary schools, you'll want to view our new video! This video, created by some very creative and talented Hamden High drama students, helps Hamden children learn a bit about what to expect when they return to school. The video teaches elementary students about the new structures, rules and procedures that will be in place to help keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Take a look at our Video Guide to Returning to Elementary School In Hamden!

School Reopening Delayed Until September 15

On August 25, the Hamden Public Schools Board of Education voted to delay the reopening of schools until September 15.  As the over 280 people who attended this virtual session know, the meeting lasted 4 ½ hours, the majority of which was a discussion on the need for this delay. It was not an easy decision.

To be clear:  No one on the Board of Education and no one on the district administration team wanted to delay reopening. What they DID want was to ensure that when schools do open, our students have the teachers and other staff in place so that classes and other school routines operate well.  The delay until September 15 will allow the district to work through most if not all of the very complex personnel matters (many of which have legal implications) to make this happen.

All new safety structures are in place in our buildings. Teachers are busy learning the new technology tools and structures needed to reopen in a hybrid model.  We are all anxious to get students back to school, and thank our community members for their patience as we resolve the remaining issues that will allow for a positive reopening of schools.

K-8 School Supplies for All Hamden Students

At the start of the school year, all Hamden Public Schools’ students in grades pre-K through 8 will receive a personal school supply kit including a backpack. This will eliminate the need to share supplies in school and help provide materials needed for at home schoolwork. All students will receive a kit, whether engaged in at-home distance learning or in-school instruction.

Families may still provide additional supplies for their own children if they wish.