Special Education Quick Links

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center                    http://www.cpacinc.org/

  • A state specific site assisting parents with educational decisions for their Special Needs children
  • Reources available in English and Spanish

State Education Resource Center            http://www.serc.org/

  • A state specific site providing information for educators and parents
  • Provides workshops and training opportunities
  • Hosts the SERC Library, a comprehensive set of resources for parents and educators

Connecticut State Department of Education Site           http://www.sde.gov/sde/site/default.asp

  • The gateway site for information concerning all educational services in CT
  • Click on this Special Educationlink to reach
    • Special Education Resources
    • The state site offering information regarding services,  agencies, laws and support for Special Education students

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities   http://www.nichcy.org/

  • A national site serving as a central source of information for children with disabilities
  • Provides information on IDEA, NCLB, and educational research
  • Resources available in English and Spanish