Special Education Process

The Individualized Education Plan is the driving force behind the education of a student with a disability. Within the links below are examples of the necessary documentation for the identification of educational disabilities as defined by federal law.

Students who are suspected of having a disability, may be referred to the PPT (Planning and Placement Team). Teachers complete the Referral to PPT form. Parents will receive the Parent Notice of Referral to PPT and an Invitation to the PPT (Spanish version).

Please click here to view a short presentation about the PPT process. PPT101

Parents are notified of the Procedural Safeguards (Spanish version) at least once a year. At a student's first PPT meeting, in response to the referral concerns, parents may be asked to sign a Consent for Initial Evaluation. School staff will conduct an evaluation as planned at the PPT meeting.

Parents will be notified of the results of the evaluation at the next PPT meeting. The results of all evaluations will be reviewed and, if necessary, an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) will be developed to assist the child with his/her school performance. School staff will implement the IEP and provide parents with periodic updates.

Every three years, all students with IEPs must be re-evaluated. If additional testing is required, parents will be given a Consent for Re-evaluation form to sign.

The staff of Hamden Public Schools is concerned about the needs of every student. Therefore, the staff will document all attempts at contacting parents for their participation in their child's educational process.