Pupil Services and Special Education

The Pupil Services and Special Education Department oversees and manages all aspects of programming and legal requirements related to students with special needs, including cognitive, socio/emotional and medical needs.

Director of Pupil Services:  

Theresa Ott


Special Education Parental Resources

General Information

Hamden Public Schools employs the number of certified and/or licensed personnel and support personnel, consistent with the highly qualified teacher standards under the No Child Left Behind Act, necessary to implement the special education and related services required in each child’s IEP.  The District ensures that all personnel necessary to carry out Part B of IDEA are appropriately and adequately prepared and trained, including those personnel that have the content knowledge and skills to serve children with disabilities.

Consultation Time

Time is scheduled during the school day for personnel who provide special education and related services or regular education to consult with each other, other personnel and parents. 

Personnel Development

The District provides a system of personnel development to meet the requirements of special education regulations, including, but not limited to, in-service training on special education and related services, to regular and special education instructional, related services and support personnel.

Training is provided, as appropriate, to regular and special education staff, related services staff and transportation operators.  This training addresses issues of confidentiality; the specific needs of special education students being transported, and implementation of the least restrictive environment.

Paraprofessionals / Instructional Assistants

In Hamden, each paraprofessional in special education is appropriately trained and a qualified person (certified and/or licensed in the area of specialization to which such paraprofessional is assigned) provides direct supervision.