HPS Budget

The Budget Process In Hamden

Budgets take a lot of people and a lot of time to develop and approve! 

First, the budget must be developed by the Superintendent of Schools and his staff - a multi-month process that includes input from many stakeholders and analysis of data. The Superintendent then presents his/her proposal for the next year's budget to the Board of Education, usually in late January or early February in Hamden. The Board takes several weeks to go through and discuss each piece of the proposed budget carefully, and in the end, makes a final decision and approves a budget.

The Board's approved budget is then sent to the Mayor of Hamden by the middle of March. The mayor considers the BOE budget request and then proposes his own allocation for Education as part of his Town budget proposal to the Hamden Legislative Council. In multiple public meetings, the Legislative Council then discusses and approves a final budget for the Town, including an allocation for our school system.


Previous Years' Budgets