A variety of technologies are used in Hamden's schools - computers (both Macs and PCs), iPads, Chromebooks, interactive digital boards, digital scientific probes, graphing calculators, document cameras, and a variety of online applications.  

We focus on two objectives in using technology in our schools:

  1. To equip students with valuable (even essential) skills in using common technologies (computers, Internet, word processors, presentation software, spreadsheets) so that they will be successful in whatever paths they choose after leaving our schools; and
  2. To enhance teaching and learning - in other words, to enable content and concepts to be presented, demonstrated, experienced, practiced, understood, analyzed, and applied in ways that improve and expand what would be possible using traditional teaching methods and educational tools.

Our district-wide technology staff is as follows:

Frank Gargiulo, IT Network Manager

Nick Bauer, Desktop Support Specialist II

Matt Rowell, Desktop Support Specialist II

Art Dessureau, Desktop Support Specialist II