Finance and Business Services

Our Finance and Business Services Department is directly involved with many aspects of the district that help us run smoothly. The list of services they oversee is long, and includes district transportation, food services, finance (including purchasing, making payments and managing our budget), payroll and more. Finance and Business Services staff include:

Tom Ariola, Chief Operating Officer  (203) 668-7273

Dawn Albizu, Business and Transportation Supervisor  (203) 407-2423

George Rostkowski, Grants and Construction Accountant  (203) 407-2237

Joanne Masso, Finance Clerk 11 (203) 407-2238 

Barbara Schettino, Payroll Clerk  (203) 407-2241

Joyce McCann, Payroll Clerk  (203) 407-2240

Open Bids 

There are no open bids at the present.