Department Philosophy

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts seeks to provide students in all grades  a variety of opportunities to experience, explore and develop skills in music, visual arts and theatre.  Our goal is to help students to become creative problem solvers, independent thinkers, lifelong appreciators of art, and human beings who understand the importance of the arts to society.  We value all cultures, races and creeds, and strive to introduce our students to a wide variety of art, music and theatre media that represent the diversity of the human experience.  Along the way, we strive to help them enjoy their exposure to the arts, while learning valuable lessons about the benefits of practice, the importance of patient persistence, and the role of the individual as a member of an ensemble.  Exposing all students to a variety of art forms and pushing students who have chosen the arts as a focus are our dual and compatible goals.  

Leslie Della Valle

Director of Fine and Performing Arts
Central Office