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QVHD is closely monitoring the community spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please direct all general questions to the state's hotline by dialing 2-1-1 or call 833-ASK-YNHH (833-275-9644). Anyone experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) is strongly urged to contact their medical provider to seek treatment. For additional information, visit our information page at or


Tech Support

Technology is great - but it doesn't always work the way we wish it would. 

If your device is not behaving correctly, we want to help you get it back to work! We need your help first. Close everything and turn off your computer. Wait about a minute and turn it on again. You'd be surprised how many times that fixes everything!

If your device is still not working, what problems are you having?

  • Logging in: If you are having trouble logging in to your chromebook or Google Classroom, contact your library media specialist. He or she will be glad to help you!
  • Internet issues: If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet, contact your Internet Service Provider. If you are trying to connect to the Internet using a local hot spot and still can't connect or if you don't have any Internet access, contact your principal, or let us know by calling 203-407-2217 - leave a message.
  • Technical issues:
    • Is your computer not working right? 
      Maybe we can help by remotely connecting to your machine. Please contact the HPS Helpdesk at, or 203-407-2415. If you call and don't get a real person, leave a message.  Email is always faster - so try that first!  In email or phone message, be sure to provide a phone number where we can reach you as well as a brief description of the problem.
    • Is your computer or chromebook not working AT ALL? 
      If you are using a Hamden device and it won't do anything (!), you will need to bring it back for service/replacement. You must contact your library media specialist to let him/her know you are having technical problems. The library media specialist will schedule a time with you to arrange a replacement.
      If your own computer or other home device is not working, we can't fix it, but we can lend you a chromebook to use so that your child can access Google Classroom until you can get it repaired.  Contact your teacher or principal to schedule a time to borrow a device.

Did you know you can use your smartphone?

You can also access Google Classroom on a smartphone.  Download the Google Classroom app and enter your username and password and you are in!  It's certainly not ideal - especially for writing papers - but when your chromebook, ipad or computer isn't working, it's not a bad alternative to keep things going in virtual school.