Transitional Plan for Reopening Schools

Hamden schools reopened on September 15 in the Hybrid Model.

What's the story on Reopening Plans?

All Connecticut school districts were required to submit a plan to the State of Connecticut by June 24, 2020 for reopening schools for the 2020-21 school year.  District plans had to describe how they would conduct classes safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as many other factors.  Each district plan was also required to include three scenarios for returning to school:

  1. Full day return to school buildings  
  2. Hybrid model - where some parts of the school day/week are done in school and some are done at home through distance learning
  3. Full distance learning - where students learn at home each day

With safety of students and staff at the forefront of our plan, Hamden has decided to begin school with our Hybrid model. It is our hope that by opening in the gradual way described in our hybrid model, we will be able to institute and adjust as necessary our safety protocols, and be confident in our ability to bring back students to full days and weeks of school in our buildings.

The State of Connecticut understands that some parents will not feel comfortable sending their children back to school in any scenario while the pandemic is occurring. In Hamden, we know this as well, through surveys conducted in June and July.  For this reason, parents may select to keep their children home for full distance learning. If this is your choice, you must notify your child's school of this decision.