BOE Meeting Agendas/Minutes 2019

December 2019

Date  Meeting     Presentations
12/10/19 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda Minutes  
12/10/19 Board of Education Meeting Agenda Minutes  
12/9/19 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda Minutes  
12/5/19 Special Board of Education Meeting Agenda Minutes  
12/4/19 Curriculum Committee Meeting Agenda Minutes  
12/3/19 Operations Committee Meeting - CANCELLED        

November 2019

Date  Meeting     Presentations
11/19/19  Policy Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
11/18/19  Special Finance Meeting Agenda Minutes Attachments
11/16/19  Special Board of Education Meeting Agenda Minutes

3R Scenario Update with Current Enrollment

Magnet School Estimated Costs

11/12/19  Board of Education Meeting  Agenda  Minutes   
11/11/19  Finance Meeting - cancelled       
11/12/19  Operations Meeting  Agenda  Minutes   
11/6/19  Curriculum Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
11/2/19  Special Board of Education Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  

October 2019

Date  Meeting Agenda Minutes Presentations  
10/29/2019 Equity Meeting Agenda Minutes Progress on Equity Goals  
10/22/2019 Policy Meeting  Agenda  Minutes    
10/15/2019 Board of Education Meeting  Agenda  Minutes     
10/10/2019 Special Finance Meeting  Agenda   Minutes    
10/3/2019 Goals and Evaluations Meeting  Agenda  Minutes 

Superintendent's G&E Presentation
Additional Data Packet

10/2/2019 Curriculum Meeting  Agenda  Minutes Hamden Public Schools Media Grant (Ready for the Grade)  
10/1/2019 Operations Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  

September 2019

09/24/2019 Policy Meeting  Agenda  Minutes   Presentations  
09/17/2019 Special BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes    
09/11/2019 Operations Meeting - (Rescheduled)   Agenda  Minutes 


09/9/2019 Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes    
09/04/2019 Curriculum Meeting  Agenda  Minutes    

August 2019

    Agendas Minutes   Presentations

Personnel Committee Meeting

 Agenda  Minutes  
08/13/2019 BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
08/13/2019 Operations Meeting  Agenda  Minutes 


08/12/2019 Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
08/7/2019 Curriculum Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  


July 2019

    Agendas Minutes   Presentations
07/30/2019 Operations Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  CANCELLED
07/24/2019 Curriculum Meeting  Agenda  Minutes 

YMCA Before/After School Program
YMCA 2019-20 Daily Schedule Overview
YMCA Leaders Club 

07/09/2019 BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
07/08/2019 Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  


June 2019

06/25/2019 Equity Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
06/18/2019 Policy Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
06/11/2019 BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
06/11/2019 Operations Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
06/10/2019 Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
06/05/2019 Curriculum Committee Meeting



 TAG Presentation


MAY 2019

05/29/2019 Special BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/29/2019 Special Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/21/2019  Special Board of Education Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/21/2019 Personnel Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/13/2019 Special BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/13/2019 Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/08/2019 Operations Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
05/06/2019 Special BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes

Curriculum Committee Meeting

 Agenda                       Minutes          


APRIL 2019

04/30/2019 Equity Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
04/30/2019 Special Board of Education Mtg.  Agenda  Minutes

Special Board of Education Mtg.(CANCELLED)

 Agenda  Minutes
04/16/2019 Special Board of Education Mtg.  Agenda  Minutes
04/09/2019 Board of Education Meeting  Agenda                    Minutes
04/08/2019     Finance Committee Meeting  (CANCELLED)  Agenda  Minutes
04/03/2019 Curriculum Committee Meeting                                    Agenda  Minutes
04/02/2019 Operations Committee Meeting                       Agenda  Minutes           


MARCH 2019

03/26/2019  Special Board of Education Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
03/19/2019  Special Board of Education Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
03/12/2019             Board of Education Meeting                        Agenda                   Minutes            
03/11/2019  Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (BOE budget review)  Agenda  Minutes
03/11/2019  Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
03/07/2019  Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (BOE budget review)  Agenda  Minutes
03/06/2019  Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (BOE budget review)  Agenda  Minutes
03/05/2019  Operations Committee Meeting                       Agenda  Minutes



02/28/2019  Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (BOE budget review)  Agenda  Minutes
02/26/2019  Policy Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
02/21/2019  Ad Hoc Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
02/21/2019  Special Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
02/12/2019  Board of Education Meeting  CANCELLED  CANCELLED
02/11/2019  Finance Committee Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
02/07/2019 Special BOE Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
02/06/2019  Curriculum Committee Meeting  Agenda                   Minutes           
02/05/2019             Operations Committee                                 Agenda        Minutes


01/22/2019  Goals and Evaluation Meeting  Agenda  Minutes
01/08/2019  Board of Education Meeting  Agenda                   Minutes           
01/02/2019             Curriculum Committee Meeting                                    Agenda        Minutes