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Hamlet and Ophelia
Hamden Mainstage Ensemble proudly presents


The Hamden Mainstage Ensemble presented Antigone this no audience!  We rehearsed and performed using social distancing and wearing masks.  Unfortunately, we were not able to invite any audience to attend.  FORTUNATELY, we were able to film the production and we are proud to present it to you here!


Click below to watch The Mainstage Ensemble production of ANTIGONE!

As we were not able to perform the musical last year after preparing it fully, we lost a great deal of our savings. If you would like to give a donation to help us to restore our ability to produce full scale productions next year, please do so by clicking this link:


HHS Alum Ray DiMattis

Click here to watch HAMDEN ALUM RAY DIMATTIS IN:



Hamden high graduate and professional actor ray Dimattis (Grease on broadway) plays a beloved grandfather missing his granddaughter during the pandemic.  She brings him some gifts but ends up giving him the best gift ever!  Take a moment to check it out!

HHS Theatre Productions

Hamden High's sold-out production of Chicago!

About theatre in Hamden....Our theatre department has been well known throughout the state and region for many years.  Beginning with great teachers and directors like Joseph Juliano and Julian Schlusberg, the department has always worked to provide students the opportunity to explore the worlds of acting and technical theatre, through classes and after-school productions.  The theatre department believes that educational theatre should be a training ground for students.  A focus on creativity, communication, empathy, safety and professionalism helps prepare students for things to come later in life, whether in theatre or other careers.  The Hamden High Mainstage Ensemble and Hamden Middle School Center Stage provide students the opportunity to put their learning into practice with a play and musical each year.