Billboard Campaign Theme: The Happiness Project- “Positive Choices for a Healthy Hamden”
Taryn Donnarummo

The Town of Hamden Youth Services Bureau and Hamden Public Schools with support from Outfront Media, is sponsoring a Billboard Campaign. This contest is in support of the Hamden Youth Network’s prevention efforts. This project is funded by a Youth Enhancement grant through DCF. This year’s theme is The Happiness Project. The focus of the campaign is on what makes us happy and how we can help to motivate and inspire others to make positive choices!

Some ideas include: * practice gratitude * helping others * exercising * eating right * healthy social connections *talking to a trusted friend or family member *talking to a professional * meditate * express yourself through writing, art, music, and movement *spending time outdoors *take a social media break *breathe* inspire others to make positive choices.

Entries must be submitted by 10:00 a.m. on March 1st 2023. Completed forms and artwork must be submitted electronically to Susan Rubino, Coordinator for Hamden Youth Services – (you may take a photo of your design and email it to Susan Rubino along with the attached completed form)