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Education Cost Sharing (ECS)

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A Big Problem for Hamden

Every Connecticut town and city receives monies from the State of Connecticut for education through the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) fund. The amount received is based on a formula that takes into account the number of students, economic need and other factors. For the past several years, Hamden has received millions less than the formula promises us – nearly $18 million less this year. Our town somehow has to make up the funds we don’t get through ECS in order to run our schools. That’s just not fair to Hamden taxpayers.

We need YOU to help!  Please call or email or write a letter to our representatives in Hartford (listed below), telling them we need our fair share of ECS dollars. Every communication is counted and every communication matters! 

Here is a sample of what you might include in your call/email/letter to our representatives:

Dear ______________,

I was deeply upset to learn that Hamden receives only 60% of what it should receive in monies through the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) fund. For the past several years, we have received $17.8 million less than the ECS formula says we should receive - and that amount is based on old demographic statisitcs that no longer reflect Hamden's current make-up and needs. Using present-day statitistics would translate to even more ECS dollars for Hamden.

Connecticut clearly has limited funds at it's disposal, but it seems obvious that funding new Charter Schools is a low priority compared to providing underfunded public school districts like Hamden with monies they need desperately just to operate. I ask that you consider reassigning monies designated for Charter Schools to help districts like ours.

Hamden's mill rate is already among the highest in the state, and we can no longer bear the costs to provide a quality education without the full financial help we deserve from the state. I implore you to fight to restore needed and fair funding to Hamden through the ECS program.




More About the Inequities of Connecticut's ECS Fund

The CT Mirror published a very informative article about ECS that includes an interactive map that shows exactly how much each Connecticut town/city receives and how much they are under- or over-funded through ECS. (Yes! Some towns are actually OVER-FUNDED!)

Contact Infomation for our Representatives and Senators

Thank you for your help!

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