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Hamden Middle School

Attention Parents!

We encourage parents to schedule meetings with their child’s teachers at any time during the school year, including scheduling a team meeting with English, math, science, and social studies teachers together.  Please contact an individual teacher or the team leader of your child’s team to schedule a meeting.

HMS Sixth Grade Tours


Tour Date

Helen Street

Thursday, March 9th – 9:30

Spring Glen

Tuesday, March 21st – 9:30

West Woods

Wednesday, March 22nd – 9:30

Ridge Hill

Thursday, March 23rd – 9:30

Church Street

Friday, March 24th – 9:30

Dunbar Hill

Wednesday , March 29th – 9:30

Bear Path

Tuesday, April 25th – 9:30

Shepherd Glen

Friday, April 28th – 9:30

This is a revised schedule due to snow days.

HMS Music

Three of our 8th grade students auditioned and were accepted into the CMEA Southern Regional Middle School Music Festival! Congratulations to:

  • Ezekiel Daye (Alto Saxophone)
  • Zoe Hoffman Kamrat (violin)
  • James Vandergriff (cello)

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a great way parents and students to stay on top of assignments and attendance. Before using the Parent Portal, you must register and receive login credentials. The links below are links to bring you to Parent Portal registration pages. 

Once registered, log into the Parent Portal. Please note that you can also access the Parent and Student Portals through this site's QUICK LINKS button (top of the page), by clicking on the page named Parent Portal. 

Main Office Announcements

  • Any student who has a note to ride a different bus or walk to the library must have the note stamped by the main office before first period.  If you do not have a note, you must get on your assigned bus.
  • Beginning Monday, November 28th, any student who is being picked up by private transportation at dismissal whose ride has not arrived by the end of the dismissal process will be escorted by our bus duty staff back into the building's main entrance to await their ride.  On late bus days, these students will be required to take the late bus home if their ride has not arrived by 3:30 PM.  Please see attached Safety Update flyer for details.

New Points System

Starting Monday, January 23, 2017, all of our seventh AND eighth grade students will begin a points system to further encourage students to make good choices. Each student, regardless of past offenses, will be starting with a clean slate of zero points. Each disciplinary intervention will result in that student receiving points. 

7th Grade Letter  
8th Grade Letter

School Governance Announcement

  • The HMS School Governance Council has established that no student may participate in interscholastic athletics, school plays or musicals, school dances, or end of the year class trips or awards ceremonies if s/he has unexcused absences in excess of 10% of the child’s school year at the time of the event.  Absences from school may only be excused according to the guidelines established by the State Board of Education listed in your child's HMS Student Handbook.

Transportation Elective

Transportation Elective Overview



The transportation elective is a hands on, action based curriculum where students role play as engineers and learn by doing. For most students, this is their first experience in an engineering environment. The goal is to create enthusiasm, therefore we maintain an appropriate level of sophistication. Once students comprehend the practice of engineering it’s our hope that they will choose to focus future efforts maturely in a technical discipline.

Like engineers, the students will predict the performance of systems and materials in a given environment. The students will use the problem solving process as the protocol to organize their effort to research, design, build, test, evaluate and modify a working model of a rubber band powered plane, an all-terrain vehicle, a boat hull, a truss bridge, a CO2 powered dragster and apply the principles of simple machines building LEGO contraptions. After analyzing environmental variables that impact their solution, the students create all of the mechanical drawings of their original prototypes using AutoCAD 2015 and are guided safely in the technology lab where they fabricate, test and improve.

The premise of the class is “science is the search for verifiable knowledge” and “technology is the application of knowledge to solve problems”. Unifying research and results demonstrates the necessity of academic skill in English, math and science. What becomes very obvious to students in the transportation elective is the practical fact that the more sophisticated an individual’s understanding of English, math and science the more adept their comprehension, application, development, adaptation and communication of technology. Role playing as problem solving engineers shortens the time span between learning and applying academics and will pragmatically ignite intrinsic motivation to learn academic skills, the tools required to innovate.

Among the sciences related to technology applied to projects include Bernoulli’s principle and the geometry of stable flight, simple machines and the all-terrain vehicle, aerodynamics and the CO2 powered dragster, buoyancy and stable hull design, inherent stability of triangles and the forces tension and compression on a static truss and geometric concepts related to computer aided design. Students learn that the materials, shapes and dimensions of their solutions (their planes, ATVs, dragsters, boat hulls and truss bridges) are in response to the environment in which they operate. Understanding the components of the environment and the details of their solutions necessitates the implementation of academic skills.

The students in the transportation elective achieve a high rate of success, and nothing succeeds like success. It is highly likely that your child will persevere, completing all challenges successfully in a low risk environment earning a high grade. Most of all, your child will understand the importance of their academics, the purpose of engineering, and the mutually beneficial relationship between individuals and their community.

Frank Kachmar, Technology Education Teacher, Hamden Middle School

School Merchandise

School Store

HMS is happy to announce that we are now linked to the award winning Hamden High School Online Store.  You are now available to purchase exclusive Hamden Middle School merchandise on the web.  Check-out the school store online.


Interested in buying a 2017 HMS yearbook?  Click here to purchase one!

The 2017 HMS Yearbook Team has extended the sale price of $30.00 for the entire month of April. On May 1st the price will increase to $35.00.  Save $5.00 and buy your 2017 HMS Yearbook today.

Daily Announcements

NJHS Community Service Fundraiser

Dear HMS Community Members

The National Junior Honor Society would like to thank everyone who participated in our Pennies for Patients event.  Our staff and students were extremely generous, while we did not reach our goal we know that our contributions will make a difference to those diagnosed with all blood born cancers.  Our total for this year was $1485.51.  The winning homeroom was Mr. Martins.  They raised $462.02 which is amazing!!!  Below are the top 5 homerooms.

1st: Mr.Martins

2nd: Mr. Ciccone

3rd: Mrs. DeLucia

4th: Mrs. Coggins

5th: Mr. Rodriguez

Thank you!


Diane Del Cervo and Michelle DeLucia

National Junior Honor Society

All students who have earned high honors, or straight A’s in Marking Period 1 and 2 are eligible to apply for membership in the Hamden Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  All students should have received their invitation, if you have yet to receive your invitation please see Mrs. Del Cervo in room 240 or Mrs. DeLucia in room 136 with your report card in hand.

Student Council

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Our Hamden Middle School Student Council has joined with the American Cancer Society once again in a fundraising effort.

We have done some spirit days to raise money and awareness for this wonderful initiative. We also want to encourage families to make monetary donations towards this noble purpose.  Please make checks out to Hamden Middle School and return all donations to Mrs. Sgrigneri in room 132. 

My sincerest thanks,

Mrs. Felicia Sgrigneri

Next Student Council meeting is Tuesday, April 25th in room 132.




Yes Club

Our field trip to Quinnipiac will be this Friday, March 31st.  Please see Mrs. Raffone for a permission slip.

Peer Orientation

Attention Peer Orientation members:

There will be a meeting on Wednesday March 1st after school in the media center.  Please see Ms. Salerno if you cannot attend.

Also - A reminder to all Peer Orientation students:  Please turn in your permission slips for the parent orientation night.

Team Navigator

The Navigator Team will be hosting a school wide free throw contest to see who the best shooter in the building is.  The cost to enter is only $2.00 and the winner will receive a trophy, a new basketball and fame.  Sign up in the café with a Navigator representative.

Middle School Explorer Club Opportunities

Fire Service Exploring offers interested boys and girls ages 8 to 13, the chance to experience fire and emergency service career opportunities.  See attached flyer and fact sheet for information.

Morning News Show!

Any 7th grade student with iMovie experience and who would like to be part of the Morning News Show for the 2017-18 school year should see Mr. Stratton in Room 164 during homeroom.


TSA Officers will meet on Wednesday, April 19.  This meeting is for TSA Officers only.

Acts of Kindness Club

The Acts of Kindness Club has a challenge for you!  Be on the lookout for the Challenge Cards from the Acts of Kindness club.  Do the challenge and then pass the card to someone secretly.  Keep the kindness going at HMS.

The Animal Saviors Club

The Animals Savior Club will meet Wednesday, April 26th in room 223

Sports Announcements


Mr. Ugolik and Mr. Cebula will be starting spring intramurals on Monday, April 3rd.  Mondays will be running and walking, Tuesdays will be flag football and Wednesdays will be ultimate Frisbee.  See Mr. Ugolick or Mr. Cebula for sign ups and info.

Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students!  They are our 2016 Students of the Month.

January Students of the Month

Grade 7

Team DeCarter: Daniel m and Magdalena D.

Team Mule: Abdulkarem A and Erika S.

Team Symoniatis: Ava O.  and Regan C.

Team Perito: Emily F. and Naseer JP.

Team Pioneer: Arianna J. and Parker T.

Grade 8

Team Morello: Allie E. and Matt J.

Team Rocco: Claire C. and Alexa D.

Team LaVallee: Jessica S. and Josh C.

Team Sgrigneri: Iren Z. and Xander F. 

Team Navigator:  Theron M.

 School Supplies

We've provided the list of supplies your child will need for the 2016-2017 school year. View the HMS Student Supply lists.

Bus Routes/Schedules

Find out when and where your child needs to be to catch the bus! HMS Bus Routes and Schedules

Visiting HMS

All visitors are required to enter HMS through the main entrance by the bus loop.  School hours are from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  All visitors to HMS are reminded that they may be required to present a photo ID upon request.

Hamden Middle School

2623 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518. 

Fax: 203-407-3141

Daniel Levy, Principal

Assistant Principals

Barbara Perrotti7th Grade
Jessica Coffey, 8th Grade 



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It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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