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District Information


2017-18 Budget

On Thursday, February 16, the Hamden Board of Education (BOE) approved their 2017-18 Budget. The budget has now been forwarded to Mayor Leng and Legislative Council members for consideration.

On March 21, Superintendent of Schools Jody Goeler presented the BOE Approved Budget to the Hamden Legislative Council, and explained the possible impact of adopting the Mayor's Proposed Budget. View Superintendent Goeler's presentation.

The total 2017-18 Legislative Council appropriation has not yet been determined.

2016-17 Budget

On February 29, 2016, the Hamden Board of Education approved the 2016-17 operating budget. The approved budget totals $85,826,552, representing a 3.26% increase over last year's approved budget. 

Superintendent Goeler presented his 2016-17 proposed budget to the Board of Education on January 26, 2016. The proposed budget totals $86,093,676, representing a 3.58% increase over the previous year. Approximately 95% of the increases included in the proposed budget are non-discretionary.

In May 2016, the Hamden Legislative Council approved a Board of Education budget of $84,008,995.

2015-16 Budget

The total budget for Hamden Public Schools that was approved by the Hamden Legislative Council for 2015-2016 is $83,120,625, and includes staffing, instructional programs and materials, equipment, building operations expenses (gas, electricity, maintenance/repair, water, telecommunications) transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

Additional Budget Documents

2016-2021 Capital Projects 6-Year Plan  Approved by Board of Education, March 10, 2015

2015-2016 Adopted Board of Education, March 10, 2015

2015-2016 Legislative Council Adopted BOE Budget


Questions about the Hamden Public Schools budget should be directed to Michael Belden, Director of Finance, Management and Operations.

It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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